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Come to Visit...

The Bevis Trust, working with Wildlife Trusts Wales, applied to Natural Resources Wales to re-introduce Beavers to Wales. So far, NRW has spent almost two years considering the application. So the Bevis Trust has decided to allow the public to come and see some of the Beavers destined for release. For more information about the Welsh Beaver Project click here

We have been watching our beavers now for over 4 years. They delight and enchant us every time we see see them. When the summer evenings get longer the beavers come out well before dark and you can spend many happy hours just sitting quietly in one of the hides and watching their behaviour. It's quite a magical experience, made even more so by the kingfishers, water voles, moorhens and the huge variety of life on the ponds and lakes.

Now you can experience this too.  Please read the text below to make sure it's for you.

This is the only location in southern Britain were you can reliably watch beavers in natural surroundings!

Bookings now closed until spring 2019 contact drew@bevistrust.com from April onwards - sorry, but the beavers become strictly nocturnal in the winter!
Who Can Come? How Long Can I stay?

Anyone - provided you can cope with a bit of rough ground, sit still and stay quiet in a hide.  We cannot allow dogs on site.
This experience is not suitable for children who may not be able to sit still and stay quiet for long periods.

Disabled Access. The lake hide is 300m down fields and woodland tracks, so is accessible by wheelchair in dry weather with some assistance. A disabled toilet is available in the farm yard - but please provide notice.

The other two beaver families do not have disabled access.

You can stay late into the night. The beavers usually come out at about 19.00 and they will potentially carry on working all night. Please when you leave, sneak away quietly to ensure the beavers and other wildlife are not alarmed. 
How Much Does it Cost? What Should I Bring?

20 per person.
Online booking and payment only, see calendar below.

Group rates by request.

Funds go towards the Welsh Beaver Reintroduction Project. We are grateful for your generous support.

Even in summer it can get chilly sitting around at night so bring a selection of layers, check the weather forecast and dress for the weather, not the season. Walking boots or wellies are recommended. You might find a cushion is a help - anyone can get a numb bum! Binoculars are a must, cameras too. Bring a drink and a snack (please make sure it's a quiet snack, bags that rustle may alarm the beavers).  A torch is also a good plan if you intend to stay late.
What is the Site Like?
Who Will Direct Us to Where We Need to Go?

We have three viewing locations, The Lake Hide will take up to eight people, The Top Pond Hide will take just two - three at a squeeze. The viewing location at Skinny Dipping Pond is an exposed log bench which will take up to ten people. This is a good walk over rough, steep farm tracks so please be sure you are up to it - and remember the walk back will be in the dark! The other two are more accessible - a very pleasant short walk through grassy fields and woodland.

Toilet facilities are available at the main farm, a short walk from two of the hides. The Skinny Dipping area has no toilets nearby.

There will be an experienced guide on hand to help you find the hides and to answer your questions.  By special arrangement the guide can be there to guide you back from the hides. We will supply a telephone number so that you can contact your guide in case of emergency. By special arrnagement your guide can help you return to your car.

We recommend that you arrive at 18.30 to be in the hides by 19.00. 
What Can I Expect to See? Overnight  Accommodation

We have three family groups of beaver in natural settings. Two of our families live in areas of mixed woodland, scrub and ponds. The other family is on a much larger lake and can access a much greater area of woodland. All the pairs are free to wander within their boundaries and display all the natural behaviours beavers exhibit - dam building, browsing, grooming and playing. Kits  may be seen in the summer. You can also expect to see a profusion of other wildlife. Recent sightings have included kingfishers, water rail, wigeon, snipe, green sandpiper, badgers, otters and dabchicks.

There are many local bed and breakfast opportunities, A Google search will easily find a good selection.

There are a number of camping options locally, we will be pleased to advise you.